Support for your Banksia Bralette

Support for your Banksia Bralette

Our Banksia Bralette is here!

Our Banksia is designed with plenty of options, and in this blog post we'll cover some of the different ways you can customise your level of support for the Banksia Bralette.


If you'd like to get all the fabric and elastic required for your first Banksia Bralette, Nellie Joans has some gorgeous Banksia Bralette kits, which include everything you'll need to make your bralette (except for the pattern, which you can purchase here)! Get 15% off your Banksia Bralette kit from Nellie Joans with code 'MBXNJ15'

Options for support

You can watch Leila talking about the different options for adding support to your bralette in the video below, or read on to see the main points covered in the video.


The Banksia Bralette can be customised depending on your support needs. In addition to the front and back pieces, which can be lined with powermesh/powernet, or an additional layer of fashion fabric, the pattern includes the option to add two powermesh slings in the front of your bralette.

The powermesh slings provide light support and work to keep your breasts separated (to help combat sweating).


In terms of lining the Banksia Bralette you could choose to do a

  • Front piece powermesh and fashion fabric
  • Front piece two layers fashion fabric
  • Front and back pieces two layers of fashion fabric
  • Front and back powermesh and fashion fabric (yardage given

If you have larger breasts we recommend going the whole way and lining the front and back pieces with powermesh in addition to adding the powermesh support slings.

If you have smaller breasts that are either wide-set or small enough that they don't touch, you could omit the powermesh slings as their primary purpose it to separate the breasts.

I imagine that I'll have multiple Banksia Bralette's with different levels of support, depending on whether I'm lounging on the couch or heading out of the house. So far, my perfect lounging bra is the double fashion fabric front and back and powermesh-slings.

Banksia Bralette Sewing Pattern

 When you're making your Banksia, sew along with our video sew-along!



What a great tutorial – very clear on the instructions! I can’t wait to make a Banksia. 🤗

Rebekah B

If I’m doing the narrow shoulder option, do I use the standard back piece, or should there be a narrow shoulder version of that as well?


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