Striped knits for T-Shirt

Striped knits for T-Shirt

Our new Hyde T-Shirt was designed to be perfect for knit fabrics! What does stripe friendly mean exactly?

The lower hems are straight so that stripes don’t look distorted or cut off! Oftentimes t shirts have a curve in the front, like on our Tarlee T-Shirt, to account for the bust pulling the top up.

Because of the shape of the pattern pieces, it's easy to pattern match your stripes by ensuring you align the bottom of your pattern pieces along the same stripe.

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Want striped fabrics for your Hyde?

Here's a roundup of places with knit striped fabric which would be suitable for our Hyde T-Shirt! Other great places to check for some unique stripes include Etsy, Ebay, your local re-selling website or big box stores, Facebook fabric selling groups, etc.

Or if you can't find the perfect stripe, perhaps getting it printed at Spoonflower could be the solution?

NZ and Aus

Maai Design (Aus)

Knitwit (Aus)

Wattle Hill Fabrics (Aus)

The Remnant Warehouse (Aus)

Rubyjam Fabric (Aus)

For Fabrics Sake (NZ)

Backstreet Bargains (NZ)

Drapers Fabrics (NZ)

Miss Maude (NZ)


Many of these fabrics will also be good choices for our Tarlee T-Shirt or Hexham Dress! The side-seams of the Hexham mean that stripes matching won't work, but you can absolutely match the stripes on your Tarlee!

USA and Canada

Stonemountain & Daughter (USA)

Boho Fabrics (USA)

The Fabric Fairy (USA)

Natures Fabrics (USA)

Hawthorne Supply Co (USA)

B and J Fabrics (USA)

Nick of Time Fabric (USA)

Discovery Fabrics (CA)

Prarie Love Knits (CA)

Loiseau Fabrics (CA)

Mimi Fabrics (CA)

Simplifi Fabrics (CA)

Spool & Spindle (CA)


EU and UK

Rijs Textiles (EU)

Yes Fabrics (EU)

Ma Petite Mercerie (EU)

Kattun Stoff (EU)

Stoff Kontor (EU)

Stoffonkel (EU)

Empress Mills (UK)

Plush Addict (UK)

Lamazi Fabrics (UK)

Guthri Ghani (UK)

Sew Me Sunshine (UK)

Crafty Girl Maria (UK)


Specific Fabric Favourites?

Nature Fabrics in the USA probably has the widest range of striped knits online. Also check out these wide navy & white stripes from Remnant Warehouse in Aus, multi-striped merino from For Fabrics Sake in NZ, Neapolitan ice cream stripes from Fable Fabrics in NZ, colourful multi-stripe from Stonemountain & Daughter in USA, small red & print stripes from Simplifi Fabrics in Canada, wide grey and pink stripes from Stoffonkel in EU, bright rainbow stripes from Empress Mills in UK, and these bright printed stripes from Crafty Girl Maria in UK.

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The Fabric Snob (Canada) does a LOT of matching stripes and solids in a variety of weights and substrates. I put ‘stripe knit’ into their search and got over 80 results.

I’ve always been happy with the quality. Sometimes you have to wait for a bit for a pre-order to be done, but it’s always been worth it for me.


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