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When we announced that we were launching our Shoalhaven Shacket, we got lots of 'what's a shacket?' questions!

A shacket is a jacket that's in a shirt-style, with a collar, button placket, and breast pockets with flaps.

Our Shoalhaven Shacket is designed with hefty fabrics in mind- check out our blog post of fabric recommendations here.

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Shoalhaven Inspiration!

You can see the entire Pinterest Board of Shoalhaven Shacket inspiration here, or see some of our highlights from the board below!

See this plaid jacket on Pinterest

Plaid wool and shackets are made to be together! If you're up for a pattern matching challenging- a gorgeous patterned wool coating would be an amazing choice.




See this pin on Pinterest

Skip the pattern matching and make your Shoalhaven from a plain coloured fabric. We love how this creamy colour looks gorgeous with these tortoiseshell buttons.


See this pin on Pinterest

Our Shoalhaven Shacket finishes at the low-thigh length, but can easily be shortened or lengthened to suit your preferences.




See this pin on Pinterest

Although we haven't found any wool coating like this to recommend to you- buying abstract patterned fabric means you can skip the pattern matching, but still have a bold, patterned shacket! Let us know if you find any fabric like this out there in the world!




See this pin on Pinterest

 If you're inspired by the fuzzy look of this shacket, check out this Italian mohair fabric, Tilly wool coating, or this orange mohair. If you love the purple colour, then checkout the fabric selection online at Yorkshire Fabric, but especially this one.




 If you'd like 15% off the Shoalhaven, become a Muna and Broad Maker or Insider on Patreon.

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  • I love this shacket!


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