Sew-along with Waikerie Shirt and Dress

Sew-along with Waikerie Shirt and Dress

If you're thinking about making a Waikerie Shirt or Waikerie Dress, we've got a collection of sew-along videos to help.

We've seen folks sewing the Waikerie as their first shirt! Below, we've rounded up the sew-along videos which will step you through the various steps to make your Waikerie Shirt.


 Waikerie sleeve placket

You might not have used the continuous lap placket before, so Leila has put together a quick sew-along video stepping you through the process.


 Waikerie Sleeve application

Our unique sleeve-band application is used on our Torrens Box Top and on our Waikerie Shirt and Dress.


Waikerie Shirt sew-along

Watch Leila sew along an entire Waikerie Shirt with Leila.

Waikerie Shirt collar in-depth

If you want a more in-depth look at the construction of the Waikerie's camp collar, follow along with this video. While the full-shirt sew along video fast-forwards over some parts, everything happens in real-time here.


Of course, once you've finished your Waikerie Shirt or Waikerie Dress, don't forget to share your pictures with us, or let us know how you got on- we love hearing from you! On Instagram use the hashtags #WaikerieDress or #WaikerieShirt

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