Sculthorpe Pants are here!

Sculthorpe Pants are here!


We're so pleased that our Sculthorpe Pants are finally here!



These versatile tapered pants are ankle-length with a fully-elasticated waist. The side panels feature a V-shaped pocket, and the pants include ample room through the crotch to accommodate large bodies and the generous rise is slightly less generous than the rise on the Glebe Pants!



As with the Glebe Pants, these were drafted with a full butt and tummy adjustment built in. Our hope is that even if you normally have to increase the crotch rise or fiddle with the crotch curve, you shouldn't need to with this pattern.



The side panels on these pants are our favourite part- the pockets are easily customisable (in terms of shape and depth), but they're long enough for your full arm to sit in without needing to bend over to fetch anything out of them!



You can make your Sculthorpe Pants in a variety of woven fabrics such as cotton, tencel, linen, suitings, viscose/viscose blends or even light-weight coating fabrics!


Leila's aubergine pants above are from a wool suiting, Leila's also made rust medium-weight linen Sculthorpe Pants (scroll back to the top) and just below those are Jess' heavyweight viscose pants.



Leila has also made a pale grey pair from thick cotton (similar to a handwoven) that she describes as behaving a lot like a canvas and Jess' bark-coloured pants below are made from a viscose blend tweed.

We hope these pants will be a versatile staple to your wardrobe!

If our size-range is too small for you then we want to make pants that will fit you! Please get in touch with us over here.


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Thank you! You both look fantastic.
Can’t wait to make these.


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