Patrons, Paying-it-Forward!

Patrons, Paying-it-Forward!

Muna and Broad is on Patreon, and joining us over there is the new way to support our Pay-it-Forward scheme!


Although the method of supporting the scheme has changed, the work hasn't.

We will still be grading our patterns up when they're too small for folks (at no additional cost) and providing free and discounted patterns for folks who aren't in a position to pay.


What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform which lets folks becoming patrons, supporting makers with monthtly payments. In return, makers provide perks, insider info, bonus content and sometimes also physical products. We'll be doing a little bit of each.

See our Patron Tiers on Patreon

What will you get?

Leila and I are really excited about what we’ll be able to share over on Patreon, which will include behind-the-scenes info (including what’s coming next), exclusive monthly pattern add-ons (bonus sleeves, pocket pieces and more), videos, and much more.

Our Makers and Insiders will receive 15% off discount codes, which they can use on any of our patterns at all time (so, not just during launch week)! Our Insiders will also get small gifts mailed to them from time-to-time!

We'd love to have you join us on Patreon!

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