Our tapered Birchgrove Pants are here!

Our tapered Birchgrove Pants are here!

Our latest pattern, the Birchgrove Pants, are tapered elastic-waist pants with gape-free front pockets.

Our most-tapered pants yet, the Birchgrove Pants they complement our existing range of great-fitting pants.

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What fabric to use for our Birchgrove Pants?

The Birchgrove Pants is designed to look great in a variety of medium weight woven fabrics!

Cotton, tencel, linen, viscose/viscose blends, rayon/rayon blends, suitings, and even lightweight denim or chambray would all make for great choices.

Sizes A-F will require 2.4m/2.6yds of 150cm/60” wide fabric, while Sizes G-M require 2.8m/3yds of the same width.


Are our sizes too small to include you?

If our current size range is too small to include you- we will grade the pattern up to your size at no additional cost. Contact us here.


Are these good for beginners?

The Birchgrove Pants join our collection of patterns that are perfect plus-size sewing patterns for beginners!

These easy-to-sew pants also have a full sew-along video that's available for free on our YouTube channel!


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