Our new, expanded size range

Our new, expanded size range


We're expanding our size range!

All our future patterns will be available from Size A-M:

40-64" (102-162cm) Bust
36-60" (91-152cm) Waist
41.5-71.5" (105-182cm) Hip

We'll also be working back through our recently released patterns to add the extra sizes, and anyone who has previously purchased patterns will automatically receive an email with the updated files as soon as their available.

Patterns which are available in Sizes A-M can be found here.

We will continue to offer our grading services if our size chart is too small to include you. Please read more about that here.


How will our new sizes compare?


I've already purchased your patterns!


If you've already purchased patterns of ours in the past, you will receive an email with a download link with the new sizes as soon as their ready. If you'd like to hear about future pattern releases, sign up to our email newsletter.


This is really super news.
I’m very round with a large overhanging apron tummy and UK GG boobs BUT because I’m also very short (5 foot nothing if I stand up REALLY straight) the fat conceals a small frame (very narrow shoulders) so I’m at the bottom of your size chart – this is something that is often overlooked by companies – most seem to think you can be fat or short but not both so it’s like a double whammy of adjustments :( . Thus I had hesitated buying any of your patterns, particularly as for health reasons (cancer) I need to reduce my roundness a bit. However, I would dearly love to make some trousers that fit my apron fat and will now head off to buy the Sculthorpes knowing that I will be able to use the pattern for a long time to come :) . When do you envisage the smaller sizes being available?

Kathryn Moore

I’m so excited!

Brianna Decker

Yes, we’ll be working our way back through all the patterns (including the Nullarbor)!

Jess from Muna and Broad

This is really exciting!! Will the Nullabor pattern be adapted to the new size chart as well?


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