Our knit necks!

Our knit necks!

Our Hexham Dress and our Tarlee T-Shirt both come with a variety of neckline options, including our inset turtleneck which lets you choose the preferred fit for your turtleneck.

The Crewneck

The standard neckline on both our Hexham and Tarlee is a crewneck. On the Hexham Dress, the crewneck is slightly lower than on the Tarlee, so we call it an 'open crew'.

We love crewnecks, and we've made it as easy as possible to get a great-looking neckline by notching the neckline where it meets the centre front, and both shoulder-seams. We found that the 'quartering method' doesn't often work in larger sizes, and there's a sew-along video showing our method on YouTube.

The Turtleneck

 Both our Hexham Dress and our Tarlee T-Shirt come with choose-your-fit turtlenecks!

You can mix and match sizes between your turtle and the rest of the garment to get your perfect neck fit. The turtleneck comes as two inset pieces for you to tape to the front and back of your Hexham or Tarlee, so that you don't end up with a tiny scrap of paper that you've got to save should you want to make the other neckline again in the future.


The mockneck

You can add a mockneck to your Hexham or Tarlee by cutting your Turtleneck pattern piece to half height (we've got a handy line on the pattern piece saying 'cut here for a mockneck'.

Because it's half the height, the mockneck looks like a turtleneck that's been neatly tucked away. Here, I used the T6 size pattern piece for a rather roomy mockneck, but you could choose a smaller size and stop the cold air from getting in to your neck!

The mockneck is perfect for keeping the sun off your neck if you want a Tarlee rashvest like Leila's.

The Tarlee Funnelneck Patreon Bonus

There's a bonus neckline option, which is the Insider & Maker Patreon Pattern Bonus funnelneck for our Tarlee T-Shirt.

This beautifully draped neckline, which is warm but isn't tight around the neck. Because of the unique in-set piece on the Tarlee, using the funnelneck is a cinch!
If you don't like the feeling of a high neckline around your neck, the funnelneck Tarlee could be a great option for you as it doesn't feel at all restrictive!

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