Our Anti-Racism Commitment

Our Anti-Racism Commitment

We want to let you know what our commitments to anti-racism are, and the concrete steps we will be taking to continue and expand our support of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC)

- We recognize the systemic discrimination against BIPOC in the fashion industry and identify that BIPOC may not currently possess the skills we might require for any outsourced work, we will mentor and prioritize BIPOC for any outsourced work

- If models are used for product shots, we will prioritize BIPOC and Trans models and ensure they are fairly paid for their work

-We will prioritize supporting BIPOC owned businesses when making purchases

-We will continue expanding our testing model (which is currently a fabric and
printing stipend) to a fully paid model by 2021, giving priority to BIPOC testers

- We're not returning to business as usual., Black Lives Matter. Always.

- Muna and Broad will continue to amplify BIPOC makers in our feed

- We will continue to donate to Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist organizations with a focus on Anti-Black and Anti-Indigenous racism

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