Nullarbor Cami Top and Dress is coming!

Nullarbor Cami Top and Dress is coming!

This pattern is the scrap-buster of your dreams!

There's not many plus-size patterns that use less than a 1.2 metres of fabric.

View A of our cami takes between .9-1.2m (1-1.2yards)  of 150cm/60" wide depending on your size. Check out the pattern listing to see how little fabric you can get away with!

The bias dress versions uses 2m of fabric if you're Size iii-3 (2.2 yards) or 2.7m if you're Size 4-8 (3 yards)


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Yay – what a lovely pattern – Thank you ladies. I can’t wait to try it. It looks like it will be one of those patterns which becomes a stable piece in my wardrobe.


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