Merino Undies, how-to-guide!

Merino Undies, how-to-guide!

Our Kapunda Undies can be made with both 4-way and 2-way stretch knit fabric, and while our Waratah Undies and Period Undies pattern calls for 4-way stretch fabric, it is possible to make them from merino.

Check out this video to get more of an idea of the difference between 2-way and 4-way stretch.

In order to use fabric with less vertical stretch for your Waratah Undies, you'll need to add around 1 inch to the top of the pattern if you're up to a Size J, and perhaps some extra height if you're Size J-M.

We suggest actually cutting with a little more than you think in the rise, and then overlocking or zigzagging the top edge and very gently trying them on (merino can be pricey! We don't want you to waste!). Of course, they will be very loose around the waist but you can mark the height you would like the rise to be. Note how much you added onto your paper pattern for future reference.

Merino (wool!)  undies might seem a bit weird to some, but once you have tried them it's hard to go back. Even a Merino gusset makes things very comfy. They are super breathable and do not hold onto odours. They are very quick drying, making them the perfect travel underwear, especially if you do minimalist travel (Leila did 10 days with her spouse and 2 young kids in Italy with just 2 outfits - one 20L daypack per adult!). You can wash them out in the sink, roll up in a towel (stomp on towel to get out excess moisture), and hang to dry overnight.


Hi Jenn,

Leila says that Zorb with a layer of PUL would be great, but you wouldn’t then be able to layer it to add to the absorbency.

As for the merino- we’ve both tried a variety, mostly shopped locally and it really depends on personal preference. You do want something that’s going to wear well, so something that’s opaque will likely last longer.

Happy Sewing,

Jess from Muna and Broad

Me again. :-) Will you please also share your fav types of Zorb to use? This fabric is new to me and there’s so many different kinds at Wazoodle Fabrics. Including a waterproof one with a layer of PUL? Help. Thanks!


Hi! Could you please share what’s your favorite merino jersey to use? Especially for period undies. I’m all about specifics, because I’ve got a ton of tabs open now and I’d rather spend this time sewing than researching and obsessing over the perfect wool jersey! ;-) Thanks so much!!


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