Make a belt with Leila

Make a belt with Leila

Make a belt with Leila on IG live Dec 20 at 7pm EST (the video will also be available after that time, so you can watch and make at your leisure).

The tools are a small investment (<$30CAD) but they can be used again and again (including for our Breve Bag)!

1.5” Heel Bar Buckle (ensure it’s a heel bar not a centre bar)
1.5” Heavyweight vegetable tanned leather strip at least 10” longer than your waist and 8-9oz thickness. Or two pieces of you cannot get a single piece long enough. Not a “belt blank”
Small piece (7” x 1”) 3-5oz vegetable tanned leather for strap keeper – can buy as a remnant

½” Oblong punch
3/16” round punch
Waxed nylon thread
Craft/exacto knife
2 leather stitching needles (a couple of blunt darning needles are fine)
Sharp awl
2 prong 4mm stitching chisel (optional)
Multi-size Wood Slicker (optional but nice – they cost about $3 at frogjelly. Can also use a scrap of coarse linen or canvas)
scrap of light colour fabric
Leather skiver (optional)
Leather conditioner (use what you have at home)

Where to shop supplies

In New Zealand Lapco

In Australia Birdsall, DSHorne, East Coat Leather, Austanners

In Canada Lonsdale Leather, OA Leather Supplies

In USA Tandy Leather, Frogjelly Leather (best prices on leather but don’t have all tools or buckles)

In the UK Artisan Leathers, Leather4Craft, Majestic Hides

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