How to print PDF patterns using layers

How to print PDF patterns using layers

 Our Muna and Broad PDF sewing patterns come with layers so that you can print only the sizes that you need.



Whether you trace your A0 files, or you cut your patterns out directly, printing with layers can save you lots of time!

You can use the layers function when you're printing your sewing patterns at home, or if you're sending them to the copy-shop.


Why use layers?

Whether you're tracing your pattern once it arrives or cutting directly into it- printing only the sizes you need will make it much easier to trace or cut your pattern out.

On smaller pattern pieces where lots of lines are intersecting, turning off the sizes you don't need can make it much easier to find the line you're after.

If you're printing your own patterns at home, turning off layers you don't need will save on ink!


Printing layers at the copyshop

When you send your files off to the copy-shop, you can simple add in your email which layers you'd like to have printed. If your print shop is sewing-friendly, you'll just need to tell them which sizes you'd like to have printed, and they'll do the rest.


Printing layers at home

The best start for printing your PDF sewing patterns at home is to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader. Other programmes that you can use with your PDFs might not show you all the layers features, and you also might have trouble printing to exact scale.

If you're only going to print the sizes you need, make sure to take your measurement and check your size in the size chart! It's a good idea to quickly check your measurements before each new project. Check out Leila's video on how to measure your body.


Layers in Adobe Reader

Once you’ve installed Adobe Acrobat Reader, open your PDF sewing pattern with Adobe.

On the left hand side of the screen you'll see small icons hanging down. If you can't see these icons, you can click the arrow on the sidebar to open it.

The icon that looks like a stack of papers will reveal the layers menu. You can switch the layers on and off by checking and unchecking the boxes.

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