Adjustable straps for your Nullarbor Cami

Adjustable straps for your Nullarbor Cami

It's Leila here again!

I love the simplicity of the wide straps on the Nullarbor Cami and Dress but sometimes a bit of adjustability is good too. For example if you're planning on wearing your dress 90s style, with a long sleeved top under it, you might need some more length in the straps. Or if your body changes frequently, it might be nice to build in a bit of future proofing. Or perhaps you're just not sure what the right length is and you'd like to experiment.

When I designed this pattern, I thought long and hard about whether or not to include adjustable straps in the published pattern and ultimately decided to keep it simple. My main reason was this: it's very difficult to find 1" (2.5cm) wide bra sliders. And I didn't want it to put people off or delay folks from having a wonderful, breezy cami (or five) to wear this summer.

I purchased my 1" bra sliders from the Porcelynne etsy store. I am yet to find another source but I will update this post if I find any. They do need to be bra sliders - some of the other hardware that is available is more suitable for thicker applications like belts and they won't hold your straps securely. You will need 4 bra sliders for this tutorial.

Anyway....on to the tutorial.

  1. Cut your straps as per the pattern, but cut 1 extra
  2. Sew, turn, and press as usual
  3. Cut one strap in half. These will be the back straps. They should be around 4" long
  4. Feed the back straps through one side of the slider and fold in half. These are the back sliders (actually they are not going to slide - they will act like a ring on a bra)

  5. Take the longer straps (front straps) and finish one short end of each. I chose to overlock/serge mine
  6. Weave a bra slider onto the finished end, fold over 3/4" (2cm) and sew down. This is the front slider

  7. With seam facing up, feed the long end of the front strap through the free side of the back slider

  8. Weave the free end of the front strap back through the front slider. 

  9. Insert your straps as per the instructions, ensuring the back straps inserts to the back of your cami. It can help to staystitch it down

  10. That's it! You're done!


Here are 2 EU shops I found for sourcing sliders:

B,Wear Mercerie Extra

Excellent instructions! Thank you!


Thank you for a great idea love Muna & Broad


Your style of instruction is so clear and inviting, thank you. Excited to try this!

Gilda Page

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