How high are our pants?

How high are our pants?

Our Glebe Pants, Sculthorpe Pants and our latest pants, the Willandra Pants are all designed with large bodies in mind. Our hope is that with our built-in full-tummy adjustment and full-bum adjustment, you'll have no adjustments necessary (or very few adjustments) to get a great-fitting pair of pants.


Our High-Waisted Pants

Both our Sculthorpe and Willandra Pants are high-waisted, and are designed to sit a good couple of inches above your belly button. There's lots of room in both of these pants, and in the vast majority of cases, it's very unlikely that you'll need to add length to the rise unless your preference is for a super high rise.

Leila has 54" hips and wears Size 1


Our Extra High-Waisted Pants

Our Glebe Pants are what we'd classify as extra-high rise. Pictured below, my Glebe Pants sit closer to my boobs than they are to my bellybutton. While this is a height that I love, lots of folks ultimately end up taking some length out of the rise on their Glebe Pants. However, if you need some extra length in the back and front rise of our Sculthorpe or Willandra Pants because you've got a larger belly or bum than we were grading for, you might like to consider using the crotch curve from the Glebe Pants to see if that brings your pants to your preferred height.


Jess has a 56" hip and wears Size 1

Can't decide if you'll need an adjustment?

Check out the Instagram hashtags for the various patterns to see if there's any makers with bodies similar to you!

Make a toile out of some flannel- even if they're not exactly what you'd like you'll still have comfie PJs.

Get in touch with us and let us know your measurements and we can give you some advice.

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