Hexham Dress Fabrics

Hexham Dress Fabrics

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Designed for 2-way and 4-way stretch fabrics, today we'll show you the dresses we've made and give you all the important details for each of them.

If you want specific suggestions for places to shop, check out our previous blog post.

My pink Hexham Dress is the full/flare View A with a crewneck and short sleeves. This fabric is cotton knit with 7% spandex from Backstreet Bargains in New Zealand. It’s got 4-way stretch with great recovery, and the leftover will make great Kapunda Undies!

Leila's grey Hexham is View B with the long sleeves and crewneck. She used a lovely merino jersey which gives excellent drape while also being excellently cosy. Merino is a wonder-fabric which we both love, and it's perfect for the Hexham.

Leila purchased her merino in a local shop, but there's lots of merino popping up online this season! The Merino Collective in NZ has a great selection in merino fabrics in a variety of colours.  A+R Fabric in Australia also stocks Merino Collective fabrics.

My red Hexham Dress is View B with the turtleneck (T6) and long sleeves. There are different turtleneck sizes which give different neck fits, depending on your preferred fit. I went with the most relaxed-fitting neckline here.

This fabric is a ribbed poly/rayon blend with 6% spandex (also from Backstreet Bargains). For more ribbed fabrics, check out the selection from Nellie Joans and Blackbird Fabrics.

 Leila's black Hexham is the full/flared View A with the crewneck and long sleeves. She used a fluid bamboo jersey for this version, and the finished dress is a delight to wear and looks great too!

Sister Mintaka has lovely bamboo and cotton jerseys which would be great, as does A+R Fabrics in Australia.

 This spotty Hexham Dress is View B (the cocoon) with long sleeves and a mockneck (which is the turtleneck pattern piece but cut half as high).

This is a cotton knit with 5% spandex which is unusually silky-to-the-touch (almost like a bamboo, but with a bit more structure). This particular fabric is now sold out but Winnipeg Sews in Canada stocks organic knits in some beautiful shades and Miss Maude in NZ has a variety of cotton knits in lovely shades.

 Check out the hashtag #HexhamDress or our Hexham Pinterest Board for more inspiration

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