Hello from us!

Hello from us!

It's been a little while since we introduced ourselves, and we've now been designing and releasing sewing patterns together for a little over a year!

We are Leila and Jess (@leila_sews and @fat.bobbin.girl respectively), and together we design and plan the pattern releases for Muna and Broad.

Leila has a day job, but drafts and grades our patterns and puts together our instructions in her spare time!

My (Jess) full-time job is now M&B and you can find me responding to your emails, taking care of the website (including this blog) and chatting with you on social media.

Our 54-57" hips are our sample size, Size F and as fat makers, our patterns centre fat bodies and fitting fat bodies.


What do we do?

We recently released our 19th sewing pattern (the Belmore Jacket), thanks to the support of the plus-size sewing pattern community and our lovely Patreon supporters.

Our patterns have no upper size limit- we will grade up to your size at no extra cost.

We also have a monthly allocation of patterns available for folks who are not in a position to purchase patterns at full price.


What's in a name?

We often get asked where Muna and Broad comes from! We wanted the name to represent both of us.

The Broad comes from the name of my sewing blog, Broad in the Seams (which is a pun on broad in the beam). The Muna in M&B represents Leila's family pet name.

Want to know more about either of us? Check out our About page.


Want to know more?

Want help with something?

Send an email to jess@munaandbroad.com!

We offer individual size recommendations, fit help with your toiles, and can answer any other questions you might have!

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