Grading between sizes for Sculthorpe Pants

Grading between sizes for Sculthorpe Pants

The great thing about sewing is that you can make clothes to fit you exactly as you are!

We often get questions about how to blend sizes and we figured we'd also get lots of questions about the best way to grade between waist and hip measurements while dealing with the pocket shape.

So far, all of our pants patterns have featured elastic waistbands, which makes fitting a lot easier because the the elastic is what makes the top of your pants the right size for your waist! Our potentially controversial opinion about the Sculthorpe Pants (and the Glebe Pants too) is that under most circumstances, there's no need to grade out between the waist and the hip.

Above are the size chart and the final garment measurements for the Sculthorpe Pants. Because you have to pull your pants on over your hips, the smallest the waist of your pants can be is your hip size +1 inch (2.5cm).

So, if you have a 42" (107cm) waist and a 56.5" (143.5cm) hip, you might read that this would mean a size ii waist graded out to a Size 2 hip is what you need. But, since your hip measurement, plus 1 inch would be 57.5" this smallest size you could grade your waist from would be Size 1, grading to a Size 2.

What might seem like a big, necessary, adjustment is most-often a smaller adjustment which can easily be skipped since you'll be gathering the waist in the the correct size with your elastic.

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