Glebe vs Sculthorpe Pants

Glebe vs Sculthorpe Pants

We've been getting lots of questions about how the Glebe Pants and the Sculthorpe Pants differ, especially in relation to the rise of the crotch (which is slight lower on our Sculthorpe Pants)!

We've put together this roundup of pictures from some lovely makers (and Leila and me too), to give you an idea of how the two patterns look on the different bodies!

First up is Meg from Cookinandcraftin! Meg was one of the testers for our Sculthorpe Pants and we're very biased, but we think the fit looks great on both!


Andie from SewPrettyInPink also tested our Sculthorpe Pants, and these side-by-side pictures of her Sculthorpe and Glebe pants are a great example of the difference in the rise between the two pants!


Emily from EmilyBruzzini has tested all of our Muna and Broad patterns so far! Here she is in her Glebe and Sculthorpe Pants!


Here's me from fat.bobbin.girl! I'm sorry you can't see the top of my Glebe Pants in this picture but I think the photos gives a pretty good indication of the difference in leg width (and pants length) on me!


Sara from Fabric_scraps tested all of our Muna and Broad patterns and here she is in her Glebe Pants and her new Sculthorpe Pants!


Here's Leila (our patternmaker) from Leila_sews in some bold colours wearing her blue Sculthorpe Pants (in tencel) and her equally drapey red Glebe Pants!


I love the rise on the Glebe pants, and the ENORMOUS pockets (they are big enough for an A5 sketchpad & pencilcase or and Ipad mini & mobile phone!) I really want to try the Sculthorpe, because sometimes the very wide Glebe leg is not practical, but want the rise of the Glebe. Would they be easy enough to extend?


Great review ! thank you. Both pants seem to be comfortable. I was hesitating which version I will order but now I am decided for the Sculthorpe pants (I really like the large pockets!)


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