Glebe Pants

Back in September we launched our Glebe Pants as a free pattern to newsletter subscribers. They were drafted with a full tummy and full butt adjustment built in. From the experience the testers have had, it seems that having these adjustments built in at this size range leads to a pretty good fit “straight out of the packet”. 

The pattern had quite limited instructions (but did have a Youtube sew-along to help), and we were absolutely thrilled at the number of people who signed up to the email list to get a piece of the Glebe action!

Because folks wanted more options (and more information) Leila posted a video tutorial on how to give your Glebe Pants pleats and how to make your Glebe waistband without gathers.

After all of that, we decided that the best thing to do is to put together a proper instruction booklet (and some more view options), so that's what we're doing.

 We've taken the Glebe files down from the email list and we're working on re-releasing the pattern with some new views and some more detailed instructions.



  • I can’t wait for this pattern. I need pants. Soon. Please hurry! How ungrateful I sound! I am actually really, really grateful that there are finally patterns for us. I’m just excited and anxious to get every single one you do!

    Jennifer Davis
  • Hi. Feels like the patterns are designed just for me! Thank you.

    Tertia de Villiers

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