Funnelneck Tarlee Bonus

Funnelneck Tarlee Bonus

Our March Pattern Bonus for our Patreon Insiders and Makers is a funnelneck add-on for our popular Tarlee T-Shirt Pattern.

You have have spotted Leila and I sporting our merino funnelnecks with our Birchgrove Pants! Because of the neckline inset that Leila added to the Tarlee pattern (which easily changes your front and back bodies from crewneck to turtleneck), adding the print-at-home funnel neck piece is as easy as printing and taping 6 pieces together.


Our Patreon Insiders and Makers get access to monthly pattern bonuses, which include stand-alone patterns and expansions for our existing range of sewing patterns! Signing up as an Insider or Maker on Patreon will give you access to all the previous pattern bonuses!

including our Oven Mitt (designed for fat hands and wrists), our Waikerie Collar Expansions, a Torrens Box Top gathered sleeve expansion, our Semi-Breve Pouch, and our cross-back apron too! The cross-back apron comes in 3 sizes- large adult, small adult and child sizes!

Our Patreon Insiders and Makers  also get 15% off any of our patterns at any time!

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