Fabric & styling the Whitlam

Fabric & styling the Whitlam

Our new Whitlam Skirt is here!

Styling the Whitlam

 The Whitlam Skirt started life as the perfect travel skirt because it's incredibly comfy, can handle being shoved into a bag and can easily be dressed up or down.

The Whitlam Skirt pairs perfectly with many of our top patterns- wear them out, tuck them in, or do the french half tuck into the top of your Whitlam.

We love the Atrax Top and the Whitlam together (as the pictures will attest), but our relaxed Hyde T-Shirt and more fitted Tarlee T-Shirt also pair excellently (my striped skirt is paired with a white Tarlee).

Embrace the 90's vibes of the Whitlam by pairing it with a silky bias-cut Nullarbor Cami. Or go casual but cool with a cropped Waikerie Shirt (View A) and sneakers. It goes without saying that we'll be layering our Whitlam Skirts over Dulcie Boxer Briefs, for chub-rub free skirt wearing.

Fabrics, fabrics, fabrics

Of course, fabrics always make a big difference to the inherent 'look' of a garment, some veer fancy, some veer casual and some can do both! Above are 3 very different versions of the Whitlam in very different fabrics!

The red skirt is a 200gsm poly/cotton blend with 100% widthways stretch. The squiggle skirt is a 260gsm Ecovero viscose/elastane blend and the striped skirt is a ribbed 220gsm cotton/elastane blend.

The Whitllam Skirt is designed to be sewn with knit fabrics, with stretch both vertically and horizontally (4-way stretch). We suggest cotton/spandex jersey, bamboo/spandex jersey, merino/spandex jersey, tencel/modal/spandex jersey.

Leila's black Whitlam is a super cushy and stretchy merino which has much more stretch than your regular merino jersey. It's worth keeping an eye out when shopping in store as Leila found this fabric locally in Canada.

We've rounded up an almost exhaustive list of specific fabrics from retailers across the globe for our M&B Patreons if you're looking for specific recommendations.


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