Fabric and FOE for the Banksia Bralette

Fabric and FOE for the Banksia Bralette

Fabric for your Banksia

The Banksia is designed for 4-way stretch fabric which stretches both horizontally and vertically. For the outer fabric, we suggest at least 5% spandex as you want something with great recovery. Bamboo/spandex, cotton/spandex, rayon/spandex would work great!

You will also need to source Powernet (sometimes called Powermesh). Powernet/Powermesh is used for bra bands or shapewear. Powernet is not to be confused buy stretch mesh, which is sometimes used for dancewear- it won't give you the support you need.

If you'd like to know more, Leila shows you more about fabrics in a video below


Elastic for your Banksia

Much like our Waratah Undies and Kapunda Undies, the Banksia Bralette calls for fold-over elastic to finish the edges. This elastic feels great against the skin and gives the bralette a simple, modern finish. There's different levels of quality with fold-over elastic- the good stuff is thicker, plusher feeling and has great recovery (it also feels nicest against your skin).  Of course, it can be hard to source fold-over elastic locally, so you can absolutely use what you get your hands on.

You'll also need ribbed, non-roll waistband elastic for the band under the bust. It's important to get something that isn't going to fold in on itself, so check out the video below where Leila shows you the different kind of elastic you'll need.



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