Breve Bag Supplies

Breve Bag Supplies

The Muna and Broad Breve Bag is just $2

Proceeds until 31st August will go to Tjanpi Desert Weavers. To see what they do, or to make your own donation, you can visit their site here.

The Breve Hip Bag is a leather bag proportioned for larger bodies. You can wear it as a hip bag or across the chest. The instructions also step you through making the leather strap for the bag- would would make a great belt!

This project was designed for home sewists to dabble in leatherwork with the minimum possible tool purchases. Where possible, we have used tools you probably already have in your garment or quilt sewing kit. This may be different to the specialty tools recommended and used by professional leather-workers or serious hobbyists.


Supplies for your Breve Bag

 In addition to some sewing supplies, we have a list of recommended leatherworking supplies over on the Breve Bag product listing. This has been kept to a minimum so that home sewists can dabble in leathermaking, without needing to buy a heap of expensive equipment.


Where to buy supplies for your Breve Bag

In New Zealand Lapco

In Australia Birdsall, DSHorne, East Coat Leather, Austanners

In Canada Lonsdale Leather, OA Leather Supplies

In USA Tandy Leather, Frogjelly Leather

In the UK Artisan Leathers, Leather4Craft, Majestic Hides


The Veg Tanned Leather that we recommend is produced using a natural process, which is more labour intensive than the alternative chrome tanning. Another alternative, is to use pineapple leather, which is more expensive but can be purchased through Pinatex.

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