A mini patchwork quilting project!

A mini patchwork quilting project!

If you're excited to get started on your Grainger Coat, but would like to hone your skills (or whet your appetite), we'd like to introduce you to our Semi-Breve Pouch!

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Semi-Breve Pouch

The Semi-Breve Pouch is the August pattern bonus for our Makers or Insiders on Patreon. This wee quilted pouch is the younger sibling of our Breve Bag.

The pouch pattern was originally planned for leather (which is a great use for it), but quilting it from scraps is a great way to use up fabric (or practice your patchworking and quilting)!

You can use this cute little pouch for change, cosmetics, jewellery, or anything else that needs a soft home.


What will you do?

The Semi-Breve Pouch will step you through many of the techniques that you'll use on the Grainger Coat! Practice your patchworking/piecing, quilting, binding and setting a snap on this low-pressure project!

Get the Semi-Breve

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Leila's Semi-Breve pouch uses leftover fabric from her Grainger Coat (below), although you can see that she did a slightly more abstract quilting pattern on her pouch than the symmetrical pattern that she chose for her coat. The small size of the pouch makes it perfect for experimenting- give one to everyone on your Christmas list this year!

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